Audio - Editing


Professional Audio Editing

Basic Audio Editing

For live concert recordings, editing is kept to a minimum -- basic fades in and out at the end of tracks as appropriate.

For multi-track recordings, editing and mixing are essential tools to create the finished song. The software tools we use now have replaced the splicing razor and tape that we started on in the 1980s and are much more precise, flexible, and forgiving. We only use non-destructive tools and techniques to ensure that the original recording is never lost or damaged.


We have very competitive rates and will be happy to provide a custom quote. Please use the Contact page to let us know what you need.

Our basic hourly rate for audio work is $40/hr. If travel is involved, hourly rate plus actual expense is charged. Project-based bids preferred by some are also available.

Advanced Audio Editing

For Dance, Cheer, Gymnastics, or any other reason you need a piece of music or other audio sliced, diced, re-mixed, cut, mashed-up or whatever, this is one of our favorite activities. Please do your favorite performer a favor and hire us to prepare the soundtrack.


Studio Monitors

  • JBL Professional LSR 305 Active Studio Monitors
  • KRK Systems Rokit Powered 8 (RP8) Active Studio Monitors
  • KRK Systems Rokit Powered 10S (RP10S) Active Studio Subwoofer


  • Neumann NDH 30 Reference-class Open-back Studio Headphones - Primary mixing studio headphones.
  • Shure SRH940 Professional Reference Headphones - Primary monitoring studio headphones.
  • AKG K-240 Monitor - Secondary mixing & monitoring studio headphones.


  • Apple Logic Pro X for Mac
  • Apple MainStage 3 for Mac
  • MOTU Digital Performer 11
  • Blackmagicdesign Davinci Resolve Studio
  • Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium
  • Cakewalk by Bandlab
  • Effects processing, EQ, etc., all in-the-box for maximum fidelity and flexibility.