Audio - Recording


Professional Audio Recording

High resolution, multi-track, live-to-stereo and even surround recordings.

24-bit, from 44.1 KHz up to 192 KHz.

Recording live choir, band and orchestra performances is a specialty of ours. As musicians and avid music listeners, we love to capture great performances in the most true-to-life high fidelity recordings possible.


We have very competitive rates and will be happy to provide a custom quote. Please use the Contact page to let us know what you need.

Our basic hourly rate for audio work is $40/hr. If travel is involved, hourly rate plus actual expense is charged. Project-based bids preferred by some are also available.



Here are the microphones we currently use:

  • Shure SM-81 small diaphragm condenser microphones for highest fidelity high resolution recordings of large choirs, bands and orchestras.
  • Shure SM-7B large diaphragm dynamic microphone for spoken word and lower range soloist singers.
  • MXL 990 large diaphragm condenser microphones for studio vocals and mid to lower range soloist singers.
  • MXL 770 large diaphragm condenser microphones for studio vocals and upper range soloist singers.
  • Shure BG 4.0 small diaphragm condenser microphones for additional detail in multi-channel recordings.
  • Shure SM-48 "ball style" dynamic microphones for stage vocals and general use.
  • Dayton Audio calibration microphone for precise measurement of sound systems and venues to ensure precise setup and equalization.
  • Behringer C-2 Matched Pair small diaphragm condenser microphones.

Audio Interfaces

Depending on the need, we have multiple professional digital audio interfaces to choose from:

  • MOTU 828ES - 28 inputs and 32 outputs 24-bit, up to 192kHz multi-track USB and Thunderbolt interface. 2 mic pre-amps.
  • MOTU Ultralight mk5 - 18 inputs and 22 outputs 24-bit, up to 192kHz multi-track USB interface. 2 mic pre-amps.
  • Behringer ADA8200 Audiophile 8 In/8 Out ADAT Audio Interface with Midas Mic Preamplifiers - Adds 8 additional mic pre-amps for use with either MOTU.
  • Behringer ADA8000 Ultragain Pro-8 A/D/A Converter - Adds 8 additional mic pre-amps for use with either MOTU.
  • Tascam US-1800 - 16 input 24-bit 96kHz multi-track USB 2.0 interface. 8 mic pre-amps.
  • MOTU 828 mkII - 20 input 24-bit 96kHz multi-track firewire interface. 2 mic pre-amps.

Studio Monitors

  • JBL Professional LSR 305 Active Studio Monitors
  • KRK Systems Rokit Powered 8 (RP8) Active Studio Monitors
  • KRK Systems Rokit Powered 10S (RP10S) Active Studio Subwoofer

Audio Signal Processing

  • Software effects and processing modules for practically every need
  • Alesis Midiverb 4
  • Rolls RP252 Dual Compressor/Limiter/Gate


  • Neumann NDH 30 Reference-class Open-back Studio Headphones - Primary mixing studio headphones.
  • Shure SRH940 Professional Reference Headphones - Primary monitoring studio headphones.
  • AKG K-240 Monitor - Secondary mixing & monitoring studio headphones.
  • 8 pairs of headphones for performing musicians with individual volume adjustment.


  • Apple Logic Pro X for Mac
  • Apple MainStage 3 for Mac
  • MOTU Digital Performer 11
  • Blackmagicdesign Davinci Resolve Studio
  • Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium
  • Cakewalk by Bandlab
  • Effects processing, EQ, etc., all in-the-box for maximum fidelity and flexibility.



For highest resolution recordings of large choirs, bands and orchestras, this tried and true technique yields a remarkably accurate and lifelike recording when played back through a quality sound system.

  • 24-bit recording allows for recordings that are more than 256 times as precise as 16-bit.
  • 96 KHz or even 192 KHz recordings leave no question that even the highest frequencies picked up by the microphones are being accurately captured. We can actually deliver this via DVD-Audio format discs if you have the need.

Multi-channel and Surround

When it is desirable to set up multiple microphones to more precisely balance the sound being captured by individual performers or sections, or for the purpose of making a surround recording, we have the capability to capture up to 12 microphones at 96 KHz simultaneously or 20 channels at 48 KHz.


By tracking individual parts and individual performers one or two at a time, infinite tracks, layering and possibilities arise. One-person bands with complex arrangements are not only possible, but really fun!

Record it dry

No effects processing is recorded into the original source sound. This leaves the tweaking possibilities open to re-combining and mixing to the client's liking.